Top Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Top Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Proposing to your girlfriend is very exciting! Sometimes it can be scary though. It takes some guys months or even a year to finally figure out what they want to do when they propose. There are so many things that you can come up with its hard to know which is the best one! Well, we’re going to give you a few of the best options right now!


A Romantic Candlelit Dinner

You’ve heard of this one a hundred times, but hey? That’s because it works! Putting in the effort to cook her dinner and set up a beautiful, romantic table is a great way to show your girlfriend that you are very serious. You’re not only proposing to her, but basically saying that you have the skills and the desire to look after her for the rest of your lives.

Revisiting a Memory

Got a special space just for you two? Perhaps it’s where you first met; the place you were when you had your first kiss; or maybe there’s a quiet place somewhere that the two of you often go to be alone together. No matter what memorable place that is, (provided it’s a good memory!), it may be the perfect spot to ask your woman the big question!

Take Her to the Beach

proposing on the beachMost every girl loves the beach! Whether they like swimming in the ocean or just lying on the sand, the beach is a very soothing, romantic place. There’s just something about the feelings of the sand; the sound of the ocean waves; the look of a guy ‘dressed’ for the water. If your girlfriend is a fan of these things, then taking her to the beach might be your ticket to married life!

Picnic Proposal

Putting in the effort to prepare a picnic basket with all the foodie essentials can be a sweet way to propose to your girlfriend. The most important part about it is that you find the best spot as well as remembering the blanket and food. If you arrange your picnic in the middle of a crowded area or nearby a road, that’s not exactly very romantic! Your picnic spot should be predetermined long before you go there. The spot should have nice green grass with beautiful surrounding scenery. Picnics may be simple, but your bae will appreciate the little details you put in too!

wall written proposal


Holiday Road Trip Proposal

Road trips aren’t for everyone, but if your girl loves to travel, then a road trip proposal is a fantastic plan! If you have an idea of a place she’d love to go, then get yourself packed and into a car as soon as you have a holiday and go there! Plan ahead; research what’s going to be there when you arrive. Maybe you’ll propose out in the open scenery of the place, or perhaps there’s something specific she wanted to go there to see. Propose there! How could she say no?!


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