What to Prepare the Day Before Your Wedding

What to Prepare the Day Before Your Wedding

You’re almost there! Your wedding is just around the corner! Only one more day left and you can finally get up there and marry that perfect person! Did you miss anything? Is everything ready? What should you even be doing today? Say no more! I got you covered! Here are five things you absolutely MUST do to prepare for your big day!

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Pack Your Very Own Personal Wedding Day Bag

Trust me, whether you’re the bride or groom, you will want one of these! It should have snacks, water, a change of clothes, some form of sandals, and anything else you think you may need. Preparation on the wedding day can be a tiring process, especially if you’ve already been running around preparing things for the past few months! It is always nice to know that those essential comforts are nearby should they be needed.

Leave Out Your Wedding Morning Outfit

Bride getting readyAgain, important for both bride and groom! Your suit and dress should already be safely at the wedding venue. Do NOT change into them in your home and then go to the venue. I guarantee something horrible will happen to it; whether it is a small stain or a tear, you will regret it! Have a set of nice, comfortable, but still somewhat formal clothes set out and ready to be worn from home to the premises. If you are the bride, do bear in mind that whatever your morning outfit is, it should be able to be removed without pulling it over your head. You may still be wearing it at the time you begin getting your hair and makeup done!

Pack any Needed Gear in Your Car

If you need to bring any bags or boxes to the wedding venue, make sure to pack them into your car the day before your wedding. You don’t want to have to go about fitting boxes into your boot the morning of your wedding. You should be able to go out of your house, get in your car, and driver straight to the wedding venue with no interruptions.

Prepare a Healthy Morning Meal

It is important that you eat before you head off. No one can survive long without sustenance on an average day, let alone one the most important days of your life! Sure, you may have butterflies in your stomach; eat anyway! As long as the food you eat is nutritious, but light, you won’t regret it!

Prepare Yourself!

You did everything else? Great! The only thing you have left to prepare is yourself. And I don’t mean preparing to go to your wedding the following day; I mean preparing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally! I don’t doubt that everyone feels jittery the day before their wedding, at the very least! Make sure you give yourself some downtime that evening. Relax and do whatever you do that makes you feel eased and comfortable. Make sure to drink water as you relax so you don’t get dehydrated. Most importantly, make sure you give yourself a chance to get a good night’s sleep. I’m not saying your brain will allow you a good night’s sleep, but as long as you are resting, you will be at your best for you big day!


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