Unique Wedding Cakes and Flavours

Unique Wedding Cakes and Flavours

Just got engaged and are planning for a wedding? Not sure what kind of wedding cake you want? Finding all the traditional chocolate layered cakes a bit dull? Do not fear! Rest assured, there are plenty of unique wedding cakes out there that you will never have heard of! Never heard of at least, until now!

Chocolate and Rasberry Cake

Chocolate Cake with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream Ombré and Raspberry Curd

This cake, while still having being a chocolate cake, displays its uniqueness through the raspberry buttercream Ombré and its gorgeous raspberry curd. The mix of colours from the raspberry gives the cake a lovely pinkish tint, as well as just being appealing in shape!

Lemon-Basil Naked Cake with Strawberry Compote and Cream Cheese Frosting

What better combination of flavours is there than lemon, strawberry, and cream cheese? All fantastic flavours on their own; but when you combine them, the flavours intermix in such a way that they explode in your mouth! You may being wondering why this wedding cake is called ‘naked’. This is because it is not fully coated with cream. The cream cheese wedged in between each cake base. This is just so you don’t get totally overwhelmed by the richness of the cream cheese, leaving the cake a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake with White Chocolate Chai Truffle

Chocolate, Espresso, and chai truffle cakeFor the most part, this cake flavour type is quite well known. Dark and white chocolate has always been a nice, but rather ordinary mixture. However, in this amazing cake, we get to taste a delicious blend of the two chocolates combined with both coffee and chai truffles! Who would have guessed that chocolate, coffee, and tea mixed together would be such a delicious combination. The style of this cake is also gorgeous as it seems to stand tall like a strong tower!

Strawberry Fraisier with Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Bean Mousseline, Fresh Strawberries, and House-made Marzipan

This fantastic looking cake may look simple, but it most definitely is not! A strawberry Faisier is made up of three different parts that add up to a perfect cake! First, you have the cake base, made of delicious vanilla. To add on to that sweet vanilla taste is the second part, the vanilla bean mousseline, or vanilla mouse. The third and final part of this scrumptious cake is the home-made marzipan, made of perfectly balanced sugar, egg, and almond paste. Combine these three together and add strawberries throughout and you have an awesome, good-looking cake!

Honey-Lavender-White Wine Soaked Vanilla Naked Cake with Honey-Goat Cheese Frosting

That’s right! Another naked cake! This absolutely beautiful cake is the most incredibly combination of honey, lavender, vanilla, goat cheese, and my personal favourite, white wine! I don’t know what it is about putting white wine into cakes; it just makes them so much better! The most spectacular thing about this cake is that it manages to balance the flavours with the goat cheese. Goat cheese has a very specific, strong flavour, but this cake is perfectly balanced all the same!

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